EVEREST SN radiator is one of the most exclusive models in the Luxrad offer. It was made of brushed stainless steel using the “Volcano” technology. Round and shiny vertical pipe bushings have small holes at the ends to facilitate the flow of heat. They were placed on horizontal collectors with a round cross-section. The form of the radiator is delicate, and the whole structure looks magnificent, elegant and modern.


Horizontal pipes: round Ø30
Vertical pipes: round Ø60
Detail work: radiator made from brushed stainless steel
Warranty: 6 years
Maximum temperature: 95°C
Maximum work pressure: 10 bars
Mounting: wall mounting kit included
Connections: standard side connection in vertical pipes, standard cross connection in horizontal version, side connection also available.  Angular or straight valve option depending on the project and installation, with a connector to copper, steel or pex pipe
Further information: non-standard size or electric heater available to order