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11 years ago Luxrad brand was established, but the production plant has been on the market for over 25 years. How it looks today? Modern production plant, innovative technologies, unique design, accessibility offers throughout Europe. And something else-Our products are 100% “Made in Poland”.

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It all caused that Luxrad is today a leader among manufacturers of decorative and bathroom radiators in Poland.The production plant, currently occupies 8,000 m² and employs over 250 qualified employees. From that moment, the history of the radiator manufacturer started to this day – room, bathroom, electric radiator thermostatic valves and accessories. More than 1,500 radiators are produced each day at production plant.

The development
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Thanks to the developed logistics network (warehouses in Pruszków, Magdeburg and Leicester) – Luxrad is one of the largest exporters available to order across all Europe. The company has departments in England, Germany and Austria. Luxrad is first producer in Poland that introduced decorative radiators to his offer and thanks to this has a large selection of products.